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Why You Need To ‘Moonlight and Chill’ With Couple of Us

gallivanting goals experiences

Turns out, dates can get a lot more fun and adventurous than, say, dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower. And we mean a lot more fun! So if you’re looking to impress your better half with personalised experiences or get out and mingle with like minded couples over interesting encounters, look no further than your friendly ‘couples-only’ community – Couple of Us.


Rhea and Sidd, a dynamic duo living in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, realized life after marriage didn’t seem so easy. Crazy work schedules coupled with everyday chores, came in the way of almost everything new and interesting they wanted to try. Their conversations with other couples made them realize that they were not the only ones missing out on all the fun. Hence, the desire to solve this very problem lead to the culmination of Couple of Us. A uniquely designed, ‘invite only’ platform for couples to re-discover themselves.

gallivanting goals experiences

Dynamic Duo – Rhea & Sidd


Their calendar is buzzing with new and eclectic experiences every month. These curated experiences are exclusively designed keeping in mind the pulse of the tribe. The best part, they take the headache out of planning, so all you have to do is show up with your partner in crime. So go on and register here!


After miserably failing to make it to most of their events (thanks to insane work schedules and travel plans) we kind of lost hope. But thanks to Rhea’s constant support and super woman planning skills we finally made it to the 3rd edition of The Supper of Secrets! We thanked our stars as it was the perfect night we could have asked for. Think chilling over bonfire tunes and flaming grills. Celebrating the winter chills with a cozy little camp pitched just for us. Sipping on plenty of mulled wine and chatting away with vibrant personalities. Making merry over songs and paper dancing games. It felt like 2009 all over again when Prashanth and I started dating. It didn’t just end there. We were seated atop an enchanting private rooftop – all lit up and delicately decorated. We ate our way through toasty, cheesy and spicy escapades curated by none other than Richa Gupta. A celebrated food blogger and the incredible talent behind MyFoodStory.

gallivanting goals experiences

Extravagant menu at the 3rd edition of Supper of Secrets


  1. Alisha, Akshay and their dog Herbie opened their homes to host us. This made it an absolute heart warming and personalised experience.
  2. We got to interact with 6 unassuming, yet like minded couples, out of which one ended up being an old friend (Akash) and his wife. This came as a great surprise and an opportunity to re-connect.
  3. Masterchef Richa whipped up some yummy delights (which need a special mention) like, The Campfire platter (had the best Viennese and Goan Sausages in town) along with Grilled Cheese Troika. Hence, food was bang on point!
  4. Sipped on unlimited Spicy Merlot Mulled Wine courtesy Big Banyan Wines.
  5. Played good ol’ games like Tambola & Paper Dance. Yes, we like embracing the inner child within us!
  6. All this and more costed us Rs. 3,800 (per couple) which could easily put a 5-Star dining experience to shame.
gallivanting goals experiences

An enchanting rooftop – all lit up and delicately decorated


gallivanting goals experiences

Good ol’ tambola


gallivanting goals experiences

Yummylicious Campfire Platter


gallivanting goals experiences

Digging into some Chipotle Lamb Chilli


gallivanting goals experiences

Winter calls for some s’mores


If celebrating Valentine’s day with chocolates and roses is too cliche or not your type. Head over to COU’s Facebook page and get invited to their All Aphrodisiac Secret Brunch. Limited seats left! Sorry Single folks.

gallivanting goals experiences