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Here’s How Jus’ Trufs Is Redefining Guilty Pleasures That Will Blow Your Mind

jus' trufs bangalore

Chocoholics often go to absurd lengths to get a drool-worthy piece of chocolate. In fact, I remember days where as a kid I would leave my brother as collateral at the nearby grocery store, while I ran home to get some money for the chocolates we wanted to eat. Of course, times have now changed and so has our taste. We’ve moved on from the conventional Cadbury and Nestle to craving for artisanal chocolates from Belgium or South America. But with Jus’ Trufs creating fine-quality chocolate in our own backyard, why wait for it’s counterparts to be delivered from a rich uncle abroad ūüėČ


How & Where

With a humble beginning from Ms. Chenddyna Schae’s (Chocolatier & Co-founder) kitchen, Jus’ Trufs found success through it‚Äôs premium and signature bean to bar chocolates and truffles. Thus establishing it’s place in the hearts of umpteen chocolate lovers in Bangalore since 2001. Thereafter the brand significantly grew, forcing¬†Ms. Chenddyna to move operations from her home to a three storey building in Jakkur, Bangalore. Today, the building is fully equipped and functional with an event space on the 3rd floor, chocolate factory on the 2nd floor and caf√© on the 1st floor. Though Jakkur might sound far for some of you, it provides respite for people¬†(like us) residing in North Bangalore.

It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon and we were welcomed into a breezy and radiant space. The cafe illuminates with warmth and wooden accents, enhanced with quirky nooks and corners. Stocked with pretty much their entire range of chocolates and desserts, the back counter embellished with their logo screamed out to me. However, my growling stomach reminded me to grab lunch first and then dive into dessert.

jus' trufs bangalore

Warm and spacious


jus' trufs bangalore

Chocolatier & Co-founder of Jus’ Trufs – Mrs. Chenddyna Schae’s


Breaking bread

Having said that, Ms. Chenddyna adhered to my dilemma and recommended we order dishes that can be relished with chocolate shots and dips. First came the dreamy Р72% Dark Artisanal Chocolate shot, followed by the rich and creamy РClassic Milk Chocolate shot. The perfect kick start to our course, they both were excellent in their own right. While the accustomed Indian palette leans towards the milk chocolate shot, I for one being a true chocolate lover preferred the dark chocolate shot.

jus' trufs bangalore

Here’s a shot of Happiness – 72% Dark Artisanal Chocolate Shot


Next up, we were served bite sized canapes of the Cool Chick Wich (Non-veg), Tatter Salad Wich (Veg) and Bombay Street Wich (Veg). A refreshing take on sandwiches, these canapes were an absolute delight. Light yet very appetizing, the¬†Cool Chick Wich was made of shredded chicken mixed with their house special mayo. In addition the¬†Bombay Street Wich was the perfect rendition to Mumbai’s favourite street fare. Layered with mint chutney, potato, tomato, cucumber, onion and lastly sprinkled with a Mumbai special masala, this Wich offered a taste of nostalgia.

jus' trufs bangalore

Which wich do you want?

These super cool wich’s are usually served with generous portions of crisps. We recommend trading the usual condiment of ketchup or mayo with an interesting dip. We called for their Spicy Jalapeno and White Chocolate Sauce! The heat of the jalapenos combined with sugary white chocolate created the perfect melange of sweet and spicy – simply genius.


Chow Down

Unlike other chocolate lounges in Bangalore, Jus’ Trufs prefers the ‘cafe’ tag serving home style comfort food. Hence, we decided to put that to the test by ordering mains specially curated by¬†Ms. Chenddyna and Ms. Shabana. First up, we ordered two varieties of plated meals – Fish Grill with Pesto sauce and Cottage Cheese with¬†Arrabbiata sauce. The Arrabbiata sauce was bang on point and went really well with the super soft cottage cheese. Basa fish (served with a creamy and flavourful pesto sauce) was grilled to perfection. What stood out the most was the generous coating of home made Gremolata crumbs on these dishes. A frequently used Italian condiment,¬†Gremolata is made of¬†fresh herbs, lemon zest and bread crumbs. Giving the dishes a different dimension and texture, the crunchy Gremolata surely added an edge. Both dishes served a good portion of mash and veggies on the side.

jus' trufs bangalore

Fresh and perfectly grilled basa fish


jus' trufs bangalore

Get your protein from cottage cheese


Next up we ordered a bunch of their pizzas and burgers. Starting with the Smoking Chick Wheel which was plain and out right YUM! Good old pizza base topped with marinara sauce was sprinkled with bell peppers, shredded chicken and oodles of mozzarella. Making it an absolute win-win.  While indulging in the pizza, two well made and non greasy burgers arrived at our table. We were quite content with the Beanie Burger, but the Smoked Chicken Burger scored the home run. Plump and juicy, the patty was smoked with spices and mixed peppers, giving it that extra kick. All this and more were served with glasses of their Chill Pills that were assembled like the tri colour of our national flag.

jus' trufs bangalore

How we cut carbs – smoking chick wheel


jus' trufs bangalore

If you’re into fitness, this healthy bean burger is for you!


jus' trufs bangalore

Love at first bite – smoked chicken burger

Sweet tooth fix

Consequently we noticed a drink that claimed¬†‚ÄúIt will change your life‚ÄĚ written in bold on the table menu card. Now that is something we had to try! Primarily made of two ingredients – artisanal dark chocolate and Belgian fudge cake, the¬†Chilled Chocolate Fudge Milkshake¬†tasted absolutely divine. Unlike freakshakes (that only look appealing), do not underestimate the simplicity of this milkshakes presentation. It surely does live up to it’s life changing claim.

Finally coming to Jus’ Trufs USP – C H O C O L A T E S!
Before we dove right in, Ms. Chenddyna recommended we give their specialities like Hot Dandeli Chick Curry and Jus’ Trufs Basked Cheesecake a try. But with all that chocolate calling out to me, we promised to come back for seconds. So I finally dragged myself to the chocolate counter to start the task of hand picking chocolates to take home. Belgian Chocolate truffles infused with local flavours like cinnamon, chilli,¬†elaichi, chai masala, sea salt and coconut got me instantly hooked. So hooked that I gobbled it down in seconds forgetting to take pictures. Oops, Sorry guys! Mind blowing combinations one would have never thought of.

jus' trufs bangalore

The ‘sweetmeats’ counter


jus' trufs bangalore

eenie meenie miney mo, pick a dozen and take them home – chocolate truffles


jus' trufs bangalore

Jus’ Trufs signature bean to bar chocolate collection

Make Chocolate, Not War

When your host decides to take things to the next level in chocolate factory, you know you’re in for a ride. So up we went to the 3rd floor like kids, animated and excited to begin with¬†Jus’ Trufs Chocolate Tour. This is Bangalore’s first and unique interactive chocolate tour, where one can learn the secrets of chocolate making from Chef¬†Chenddyna herself. We not only learnt about the history and evolution of chocolate but also acquired the skills and techniques of tempering chocolate. Moreover, the activity of involving us participants to get our hands dirty and make our own truffles was super fun and relaxing. One gets to end the tour by tasting a wide variety of chocolate creations – how perfect is that!

Warning: The visual below might give you major FOMO ūüėÄ

The Chocolate tour operates on specified Saturday afternoons or by special requests. For bookings please contact events@justrufs.com


  • Since it’s a cafe the service is slow and relaxed which is ideal for a weekend brunch.
  • Try to combine your dining experience with a Chocolate tour for a rich and enhancing encounter.
  • Hand pick some of their signature and exotic Belgian chocolate truffles to take home for your loved ones.


9, Jakkur Road, Jakkur,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

For Reservations call 0091 9886166468 OR 0091 9844016984


Rs. 1,000 for 2 people (approx.) excluding VAT & service charge


Ambiance: 3.5/5
Taste: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 4.5/5


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