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An Unforgettable Glamping Experience at The Little Bison, Kabini

the little bison

Around this time last year, Prashanth and I were newly wed. We were weighing out options in terms of our ideal Honeymoon destinations and determining what kind of experiences we would really enjoy. After much thought, fights and debates (like most couples) we decided to travel on our Honeymoon in September.

However, September seemed so far far way! And that’s when Prashanth said “Hey! Let’s go some place nearby where we could just drive down, getaway, relax and experience the luxury of doing nothing!” That got my attention and I instantly knew the perfect destination – Kabini!

the little bison

Kabini Backwaters

The Destination

Situated at the confluence of the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks, on the shores of the Kabini River in Karnataka (West of Mysore), Kabini is the protected land of the wild and home to the largest concentration of Asiatic Wildlife.

The Drive

Just 250 kms away from Bangalore, you can reach this magical destination in under 5 hours. The Bangalore-Mysore highway is great, offering a good number of roadside dhabbas, restaurants and  pit stops. The only hiccup was the last 1 km leading up to the property. That was a bit precarious and tricky. Smaller cars like might face a challenge.

Tip: Drive via Mysore road with the help of Google Maps. Also take our word and stop over for lunch at Poojari’s Fish Land for some authentic Mangalorean-Coastal Cuisine. 


the little bison

The Little Bison Luxury Tent

The Luxury Camp

The Little Bison is a standalone, eco-friendly property with only TWO appointed luxury tents, that run solely on solar power. On arrival, we were graciously welcomed by our personal valets – Babloo, Chickoo & Viraj, who served us refreshing coconut water and provided us cold face towels which was perfect for a hot day. While entering the property we were given a tour of our tent that looked exactly like the luxury canvas tents in Africa.  It had a breathtaking indoor foyer equipped with telescopes and an outdoor porch, where we could enjoy the fabulous views. The bedroom was spacious and grand; offering a king sized four-poster bed, a writing table, comfortable seating and en-suite bathroom. Being Wi-Fi free was a blessing in disguise which helped us be one with nature.

the little bison - Kabini

Fabulous views from our tent


The highlight of our tent was the open air deck in our back yard that came equipped with an outdoor bed, fireplace and a bathtub. Definitely the most memorable lounging and stargazing experience we’ve had; the glamping way.

the little bison

Personal bonfire, outdoor bed and bath tub!


the little bison

Lounge & dinning tent


The Food

‘Ghar ka khana’ best describes the food served at The Little Bison. Simple, delicious and fresh. We were told by our valets that most of the ingredients used in preparing the food were organically grown and sourced from farmers in the surrounding villages. Since the property strictly runs on solar power, there is no fridge! Hence, the Chefs carefully prepare food that’s enough to feed all the guests and staff. If there are any left overs they donate it to the tribal communities living nearby. A great food movement that echoes sustainability.

Simple, delicious and fresh Indian food


the little bison

Food served by our personal valets in our tent


We were also introduced to a concept called ‘themed bush dining’ in the evening. We sat around a bonfire, sipped our favourite wine and listened to the locals sing their favourite songs. All this under the starry Kabini sky, on the banks of the backwaters. We were further dazzled when we were told to take up our torches and look behind. What do we see? Spotted deers right behind us drinking water from the banks of the river! Can it get any more magical than this?

the little bison

Bush dinner under the Kabini sky!


The Experiences & The People

Going for game drives here is a must. Nothing matches a rendezvous with the big cats or a herd of Elephants. Our Host & Naturalist, Shaaz Jung, also known as ‘The Leopard Man of India’ accompanied us on some of our game drives. His cat tracking skills, breathtaking photography and write ups on Leopards and other wildlife, has won him awards and many accolades. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spot any tigers or leopards. However, we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. We were lucky to witness herds of Elephants gliding through the forest and baby Gaur feeding on it’s mother’s milk.

the little bison

My game drive look


the little bison

Elephants gliding through the forest


the little bison - Kabini

Baby Gaur feeding on it’s mother’s milk


On the second day of our stay, I decided to sit back and do nothing. All I wanted to do was stare into the distant forest and backwaters while Prashanth headed for his game drive. Vinstant Kian (Former Resident Manager) came up to me and decided to keep me entertained. Walking through the backwaters, teaching me so many things about mother nature, the jungle, the big cats and the tribal communities that co-exists in this man-animal conflict area, was so enriching.

the little bison

Enjoying the simple things in life


These guys take ‘exclusivity’ and ‘personalisation’ to a new level. We were taken to a breathtaking spot on the banks of the river, and Vinstant surprised us with a Private Sundowner. If that wasn’t enough, on returning to our room, we were further pampered with a relaxing bubble bath under the stars! What better way to end the night 🙂

Kabini River - the little bison

All smiles for the Sundowner!


the little bison

Happiness is a long hot bubble bath


Just as we had the fortune of staying here and signing off next to Mr. Rahul Dravid’s notes in The Little Bison Diary (Yes! He stayed at the same tent exactly a week before us), we wish to share this fortune with our readers too. In order to make this happen, we have partnered with The Little Bison to help our readers avail special discounts and freebies on their stay.

the little bison

The Little Bison Diary

So what are you waiting for? Send us your enquiries to gallivantinggoals@gmail.com


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