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All You Need To Know About The Great Trails Kodaikanal

Timber Chalet Great Trails Kodaikanal

You know it’s a window of happiness when it opens up to majestic mountain views and an emerald green landscape. Luckily we’ve found this heavenly abode at the gorgeous Great Trails Kodaikanal by GRT Hotels. Located in Kodaikanal, hailed as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’, where hotels come a dime a dozen; Great Trails is a breath of fresh air!

Getting there

If you are looking to escape the hubbub of the city, then escaping to the hills is certainly a great idea! Thankfully, hilly retreats like Kodaikanal are just a short drive away and if you drop by the Great Trails, you can make a memorable trip out of it. After a three-hour drive from Madurai, via one of the country’s most scenic routes made special by impromptu animal visits and misty mountain views, we arrived at Great Trails Kodaikanal by GRT Hotels.

A verdant retreat

Spread over a 7 acre estate, the Great Trails is a rejuvenating haven set amidst the cloud capped hills of Kodaikanal. As we made our way to the resort, we noticed potato farms spread as far as the eye can see. A welcome adorned with warm smiles and a knockout welcome drink got us all animated. You’ll be greeted by cobbled pathways, that are lined with British style cottages. At regular intervals, you’ll also chance upon patches of colourful blooms, spots of greenery, and outdoor spaces where you can lounge or play.

Great Trails Kodaikanal

Aerial view of Great Trails Kodaikanal


welcome drink Great Trails Kodaikanal

Passion punch on arrival


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Spots of blooms

Pop of wood

Futhermore, the rooms at Great Trails enhance your stay by offering majestic views of the towering mountains. Luxurious yet cozy, the Rock Cabins & Timber Chalets offer two unique lodging styles. We made the Timber Chalet our home for the weekend. Built from sustainable Indonesian wood, the room comes with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to wake up to the beauty of nature. But even in the midst of this rustic landscape, the rooms have the luxuries of wifi and space heaters.

Great Trails Kodaikanal

Timber Chalet interiors


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Floor-to-ceiling windows perfect to soak in unadulterated views


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Rock Cabin interiors

The art of entertaining

The rest of the property too has plenty to hold your interest. So if you thought you’d come and live a monk’s life here in Kodai, wait till you read this! In addition to a good deal of adventure sports and outdoor activities, Great Trails Kodaikanal also houses the longest Zipline in South India. Thrill seekers, it’s time to take a plunge into serenity.

From obstacle course challenges to endurance testing treks, they have it all. But if you are in no mood for heart racing games, opt for recreational activities like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. All in all, leave the planning to Activity Co-ordinator Mr. Bala and he will ensure that people of all ages are engaged, whether it’s walking on ropes or swinging rods in foosball. The best part, it doesn’t just end there. As the night gets younger, they create an atmosphere of merry making with a bonfire, barbecue and karaoke. Friday night done right, eh! 😉

Great Trails Kodaikanal

Outdoor games and activities


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Nights around the Bonfire are the best


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Chef Isrifil killing it with the barbecue


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Friendship is found in people who are just as funny as you

Comfort food at it’s best

Whistler’s Cafe, the resort’s main restaurant opens out to a large garden overlooking farmland and mountains, promising a meal with a view. The buffet at the restaurant is quite lavish for Kodai standards. Their scrumptious and extensive menu included South Indian and Italian favourites; from an authentic Podi Dosa to a fanciful Pasta Arrabiata. The Chefs at Whistler’s Cafe do nothing short of creating a hearty stock of goodness that lead me to my bed where I settled into a long snooze.

Great Trails Kodaikanal

Eat well for breakfast and shine all day!


Great Trails Kodaikanal

Friends that eat together stay together


One crisp morning, with Prashanth still asleep, I stood on the veranda with only the mountains and the soft, distant chirping of birds for company. Warm and content, I felt enveloped in the immutable peace of Kodaikanal.

Great Trails Kodaikanal

Beautiful sights don’t ask for attention – View from our veranda


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Disclaimer: We were guests of the GRT Hotels & Resorts and Firebrand Labs. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own. 

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How to score a Spa treatment during your Lunch break

Radisson by GRT Hotels

It was 1 o’clock in the afternoon and after a slightly tiring journey from Bangalore to Chennai, we decided to pull up for lunch at Salt Co. 531 (Radisson Blu by GRT Hotels, Airport Road) before we headed to Mahabalipuram. Somewhere between last minute packing, making it to the train station, returning phone calls and answering emails we skipped our breakfast and settled for an average one on the train. So, by the time we made it to Salt Co. 531, we had grown a massive appetite. All we wanted to do was fill our tummies and refuel for the rest of the day. But the team at Salt Co. 531 threw in a surprise that exceeded every lunch spread we’ve ever been for.

What was the surprise?

Lunch therapy – A wholesome rejuvenating experience that begins with an express and oil-free spa treatment at Bodhi Spa. Furthermore, followed by a sumptuous buffet prepared on pink Himalayan salt blocks which one can savour to their hearts content.

Radisson by GRT Hotels

Gorgeous stairway leading down to Bodhi Spa


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Entrance of the restaurant

Who is it for?

Overworked minds and underfed tummies – said so by Mr. Shashikumar U., General Manager of Radisson Blu by GRT Hotels Chennai. Lunch therapy was specifically designed for a new breed of Indians! Working individuals who feel drained and achy by the time the clock strikes noon. Now, thanks to Salt Co. 531, you’ve found the perfect excuse to squeeze time for that perfect ‘R&R lunch-cation’ that will definitely add a spring in your step!

Radisson by GRT Hotels

Quirky corner of the restaurant

Radisson by GRT Hotels

Natural accents and decor elements

Two-minute Takeaway

Guests are graciously welcomed with sparkling welcome drinks and swiftly transferred to the Bodhi Spa to settle in for a relaxing massage. Their award winning masseuses perform an invigorating 15 minute head and shoulder massage that hits the right notes and releases tension. Our hunger pangs were gone in seconds thanks to the magic worked by their hands. Post the massage you are escorted to the restaurant where you are introduced to a plethora of dishes cooked over pink Himalayan salt blocks. Mind you, this process not only tantalizes your taste buds but also elevates the freshness of the dishes, and it’s pretty much evident with every bite you take. It is also believed that this cooking process stimulates circulation, regulates blood pressure and removes toxins from the body. What a perfect way to blend Gastronomy & Wellness! Kudos to the team at GRT Hotels for not just introducing, but also executing this brilliant concept.


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Chaat Trolley


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Dessert before mains always!


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Basil Pinwheels & Caprese Salad


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Let’s dig in!


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Peri peri fish with green peas ragout definitely stood out


Radisson by GRT Hotels

A counter that makes ‘all things sweet’


Radisson by GRT Hotels

Keeping my eyes on the prize

Glimpses of Entertainment

Oh! And watch out for the staff at the restaurant. As you dive into main course, they sheepishly come out of nowhere and break into a dance. Their moves on popular Bollywood tracks will definitely put a smile on your face. If you are shameless like me, you can join the bandwagon and shake a leg too 🙂

Radisson by GRT Hotels

Why not a game of foosball after all that eating eh?



  • The restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. However, Lunch Therapy is available only on weekdays between 12 noon and 3 pm. Hence, make your reservations accordingly.
  • While you are there, do stop by at the Great Indian Kabab Factory and relish their Galouti Kebabs. It’s as close as the ones you get at the iconic Tunday Kababi in Lucknow.


Radisson Blu by GRT Hotels, Airport Road,
531, St. Thomas Mount, Kannan Colony, Pazavanthangal,
St. Thomas Mount, Chennai 600016

For reservations call 044 30853545


Rs. 2,000 for 2 people (approx.) excluding VAT & service charge


Ambiance: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5

Disclaimer: We were guests of the GRT Hotels & Resorts and Firebrand Labs. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.